[Event] Don't be late for a double rate!


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[Event] Don't be late for a double rate!

Post by Admin on Tue May 19, 2015 1:25 pm

Hello, friends!

We are getting closer to the new update Infinite Odyssey, and one of the most important changes of the new expansion is removal of level cap.

To make it easier for you, adventurers, to catch up and gain maximum XP before the launch of the update to start exploring new content,
from the 19th of May till the release of the new expansion all your XP and SP points (except for those you get for quests) are doubled!

Current XP/SP rates:
PA + Vitality = х8, х6
No PA + Vitality = х4, х4

How to maximize your XP gain:
PA + Vitality + Rune of XP 50% = х9
PA + Vitality + Rune of XP 50% + XP Buff 50% = х10
PA + Vitality + Rune of XP 50% + XP Buff 50% + Mentor's Guidance = х11​

To make your levelling even faster and to help you get ready for meeting new raid bosses and exploring new hunting zones we have updated L2 store with special goods:

The offer is effective from 19th of May to 2nd of June (9 AM CEST).
All the purchased items will remain after the offer is over.

First of all, you can find items that will help you easily replenish your Vitality.

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